European Control Conference (ECC 20)
Saint Petersburg, Russia, May 12‑15, 2020

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  • May 12-15, 2020
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Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Accepted papers supported by RFBR (18 of 29 accepted papers)

Type Corresponding Author Country Title Project №
Oral Presentation Mikhail Khlebnikov Russia Quadratic Stabilization of Bilinear Control Systems Subjected to Exogenous Disturbances 18-08-0140
Oral Presentation Dmitry Konovalov Russia Output Feedback Control for Linear MIMO systems with Disturbances Compensation 18-38-20037
Oral Presentation Julia Tsyganova Russia Numerically Implementing the API Based Solution to Learn a Plant Dynamics for Stochastic Control Concurrently 18-47-730001,
Oral Presentation Andrey Tsyganov Russia UD-based Linear Filtering for Discrete-Time Systems with Multiplicative and Additive Noises 18-41-732001
Oral Presentation Alexey S. Matveev Russia Reactive Autonomous Navigation of Nonholonomic Robots for Tracking Environmental Boundaries in Presence of Obstacles 17-08-0715
Oral Presentation Dmitry Fetisov Russia A Method for Solving a Boundary Value Problem for a Class of Nonlinear Control Systems 19-07-00817 а
Oral Presentation Irina Len Russia Network Traffic Load Balancing Protocol 20-01-0619
Oral Presentation Andrei Boiarov Russia Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation for Few-Shot Learning 18-013-00646
Oral Presentation Pavel Pakshin Russia Stability of Nonlinear Discrete Repetitive Processes with Switching 19-08-00528_а
Oral Presentation Vladimir Vasiliev Russia Application of Polynomial Filtering Algorithms to Nonlinear Discrete Dynamical Systems in Navigation Data Processing 18-08-01261 a
Oral Presentation Vadim Alexandrov Russia Stability Margins for Minimum-Phase SISO Plants: A Case Study 18-08-1067
Oral Presentation Elena Sofronova Russia Optimal Control System Synthesis Based on the Approximation of Extremals by Symbolic Regression Submission 18-29-03061-мк
Oral Presentation Dmitry Karamzin Russia Regular perturbations to the motion of the three-wheeled mobile robot with the front-wheel drive under restricted state variables 18-29-03061-мк
Oral Presentation Dmitry Karamzin Russia Investigation of a perturbation technique for a numerical solution of essentially non-regular time-optimal control problems with state constraints 18-29-03061-мк
Oral Presentation Andrey Tremba Russia Sparse solutions of optimal control with L1-objective 18-08-0140
Oral Presentation Vera B. Smirnova Russia Leonov's method of nonlocal reduction and its further development 17-08-01728
Oral Presentation Ruslan Seifullaev Russia Energy control of the pendulum without measuring its angular velocity 17-08-01728,
Oral Presentation Alexander Knyazhsky Russia Minimization of the absolute altitude of low-flying vehicle due to vertical envelope of long-period marine waves 18-08-00234 а